Where could your
business go...

invest, grow and optimize

...if you had the funding to invest, grow and optimize operations?

the best talent

...if you could recruit the best talent to your organization?

knowledge, competence and quick decisions

...if your owners understood your business, and shared your ambitions?

bulletDeveloping successful businesses is never a smooth ride. It takes courage, hard work, talent and luck. It is challenging, but also rewarding, and even fun. We know, we have worked with many.

Longship is a private equity investor. We partner with ambitious management teams, co-owners and employees, to support successful companies in their growth and development.

Every company has its own path and goals. Our ownership is no guarantee for success. But for many companies, our contribution and our ownership provides an opportunity to face the challenges and reach those ambitious goals.

It is an exciting journey. We have been on many before. And, we can provide the resources, experience, capital and direction, which makes a difference.