The team

The Longship team

bulletThe Longship team has collectively more than 80 years of investment experience, and extensive background from different industries and companies.

The team’s experience is further extended by our large network of industry experts. The partners have played significant roles in building and leading reputable investment operations in Norway and abroad.

The Longship partners have led investments in more than 20 companies, and a large number of add-on acquisitions.

But more important than our investment skills is the ability to understand a company’s challenges and opportunities. We are involved and engaged, we have managed both up- and downturns, and have the confidence to face them again.

Picture of Kai Jordahl

Kai Jordahl

Managing Partner

Link LinkedIn Kai Jordahl

+47 909 82 271

Picture of Espen Stenumgård

Espen Stenumgård


Picture of Hans Tindlund

Hans Tindlund


Link LinkedIn Hans Tindlund

+47 926 69 966

Picture of Bernt Østhus

Bernt Østhus


Link LinkedIn Bernt Østhus

+47 934 49 910

Picture of Henrik Gundersen

Henrik Gundersen

Investment Director

Picture of Marie Brun Svendsen

Marie Brun Svendsen

Investment Director

Picture of Erik Rian Johannessen

Erik R. Johannessen


Picture of Caroline Kjeksli

Caroline Kjeksli

Investment director

Picture of Mats Hansen

Mats Hansen


Link LinkedIn Mats Hansen

+47 412 14 847

Picture of Karoline Holm

Karoline Holm


Link LinkedIn Mats Hansen

+47 480 94 723

Picture of Mats Hansen

Oddne M. Råheim


Link LinkedIn Mats Hansen

+47 939 85 637