Hydor is a Norwegian-based specialized insurance agent (MGA) that offers fixed premium protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance for 2,500+ small-and medium-sized ships and 200+ ship owners and customers globally.

The Cloud People

The Cloud People is an IT service provider of Google Cloud Platform and ServiceNow cloud services in the Nordic region


SEAM is a leading provider of hybrid- and fully electric propulsion systems and automation solutions to the maritime industry


Gexcon is a global leader in process safety software, safety consulting and testing services, and specializes in analysis of dispersion, explosion and fire related risk and consequences

Garda Sikring

Garda Sikring delivers and installs permanent and temporary perimeter security solutions, in addition to road safety solutions


Nofitech develops cost effective and compact RAS solutions for the aquaculture industry


Sensio is a provider of welfare technology solutions to public institutions and personal safety alarms and home automation to the residential market

Norwegian Travel Company

Norwegian Travel Company is established with the vision to build the leading provider of travel and tourism experiences in the arctic Northern Norway


Akershusgruppen is a leading Norwegian restaurant and bar group. The group has a portfolio of venues located in prime locations in and around Oslo city center

Ecura Helse og Omsorg

Ecura Helse og Omsorg is a care company providing assisted living, home care, rehabilitation and staffing services


Norian is present in six european countries and delivers services within accounting, payroll, finance and intelligent automation

HR Prosjekt

HR Prosjekt is a project management company operating in the building, property and infrastructure sector


Well management and emergency services to the oil & gas sector


A global technology and service provider to the seawater desalination industry


Services and technology to the Nordic event and entertainment industry

Cardinal Foods

Norwegian supplier of poultry and eggs


Operator of medical imaging services in Norway


Manufacturer and supplier of security equipment


Pre-schools in Norway


Global technology for digital rock services

The North Alliance

Nordic communication and technology group

Ontime Logistics

Logistics service provider in the Nordics


Global provider of reservoir description and formation evaluation services


Core- and reservoir fluid analysis to the oil & gas sector


Wine import and distribution in the Nordics

Staur Foods

Nordic producer of dry and filled bakery products