Our approach

Adding value through active ownership

bulletOur approach to investments and ownership is developed over many years and is based on practical experience from real life situations.

The Longship team has been active and successful investors in a number of companies and industries. We have a clear and established model for our involvement.

This includes early development of strategic agenda and a clear set of targets, actions and initiatives, assisting in recruiting the best organizational talent, and providing continuous support throughout our ownership period.

No investment is the same, and each company and situation requires a different set of strategies and actions. The path to success is never a smooth ride. We have faced many of the challenges before, and will be there when the next one comes.

Our involvement is built on four principles

Partner, work together


We work together with the management team of our portfolio companies, complementing their skills and challenging their decisions, and working towards shared goals.

Real Support

Real support

We spend time understanding our companies. Only then can we add real value. Senior partners and experienced industrialists are hands-on involved throughout our ownership.

Speed and abillity to decide


We believe that speed and ability to decide and act are vital elements in a successful growth strategy. This requires that management, board, and owners are fully aligned and involved, and share the same goals.

We respect you


We respect the roles and responsibilities of a well governed company. We also respect the men and women who fill these roles. Integrity, fairness and decency are key values in all our work.